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Delivering Energy Education & Technical Expertise

OELC members are energy-intensive enterprises that are keenly aware of the impact of energy costs on their profitability and competitiveness, and understand the tremendous value of in-depth energy knowledge and technical support.

OELC provides members with vital educational, technical, and information resources to help them succeed in the energy marketplace by managing energy costs and using energy efficiently. OELC’s resources and technical support include:

  • Planning and sponsoring educational and networking opportunities, including sponsoring the annual Manufacturers Education Council (MEC) Energy Management & Savings Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and giving members access to the conference with multiple speaking and networking events;
  • Providing experienced technical support through OELC’s partnership with Brakey Energy, Ohio’s premier utility rate expert, including rate and rider updates, bill analysis and auditing, procurement recommendations, rate-making support, and advanced technical analysis of bills and the impacts of proposed tariff and rate changes;
  • Offering access to energy management tools, such as free grid peak notifications from multiple sources, discounted pricing on software platforms for energy and peak management, and trusted recommendations for demand response and curtailment service providers, among other resources;
  • Alerting members to constantly changing energy rate and regulatory opportunities, including new rates, updated riders, cost-saving opportunities, and other energy alerts;
  • Educating members on supply, utility, and rate issues through in-depth discussions during monthly membership meetings on pending energy legislation, proposed changes to utility rates and charges, tariff amendments, market trends, and macro-economic issues, and opportunities for significant cost savings.

OELC welcomes new members from industrial companies, manufacturers, commercial enterprises, educational institutions, retailers, technology companies, data centers, and other businesses impacted by Ohio’s energy laws and utility tariffs.