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Membership in the Ohio Energy Leadership Council is open to enterprises in Ohio that want a role in ensuring competitive, reasonable, and transparent electricity and natural gas rates and costs in Ohio.

OELC offers three membership categories:

1. General Membership

General membership is available to end-user commercial, industrial, and institutional energy consumers. Benefits include:

  • Legislative, Technical, and Regulatory Resources: Members have access to experienced legal, technical, regulatory, and governmental relations resources, including state and regional power supply information and energy trends;
  • Updates: OELC distributes summaries of important Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) activity and state legislative updates impacting the cost and reliability of energy;
  • Monthly Membership Meetings: Monthly in-person meetings keep members apprised of legal and regulatory developments and provide a forum for discussion. Members have the option to participate remotely;
  • Interactive Website: OELC’s website provides timely updates and extensive resources and support on issues affecting the price of electric and natural gas service.

Membership dues are tiered based on annual energy expenditures. Dues for the first year of membership are set at $2,500, with dues set in subsequent years based on energy usage.

2. Opt-In Membership

In addition to the benefits of general membership, OELC members can become Opt-In Members. Opt-In Members are directly engaged in regulatory, legal, and legislative processes to positively impact outcomes.

As legislative and regulatory proposals evolve, Opt-In Members have exclusive access to information and tools to understand how potential proposals will drive the costs that show up on their bills. Most OELC general members are also Opt-In Members.

Opt-In Membership provides you with:

  • Advanced Access to Energy Information: Stay up to date on emerging issues with regular communications from OELC’s policy and legal advisors on important matters between OELC meetings;
  • Driving Outcomes: Help shape OELC’s positions in PUCO cases and on energy legislation – have a seat at regulatory and legislative tables to effect ultimate outcomes;
  • Bill Impact Analysis: Get technical assistance to understand how your utility bills could be impacted through the rate and regulatory expertise of Brakey Energy, available to Opt-In Members through OELC;
  • Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement Support: OELC has the legal, technical, and analytical resources at its disposal to support members’ Ohio energy procurement needs. OELC can help Opt-In Members determine the best power and natural gas contracts for their unique needs and risk adversity;
  • Monthly Opt-In Meetings: OELC holds monthly in-person meetings for Opt-In Members immediately after the General Member meeting. These meetings highlight developments regarding any current proceedings, including legal and regulatory strategy and settlement negotiations. Virtual participation is available.

Opt-In membership dues are established by members participating in the opt-in activity. If you are interested in joining OELC and considering participation in OELC’s Opt-In activities, contact us for details on the estimated costs and benefits of membership.

3. Vendor Affiliate Membership

Vendor Affiliate membership is open to competitive electric and natural gas suppliers and related businesses offering products and services to end-user customers, such as curtailment services providers.

Vendor-Affiliate members have opportunities to meet and engage with OELC members at multiple events, such as dinners at Ohio’s preeminent energy conference hosted by the Manufacturers Education Council.

Annual dues for OELC Vendor-Affiliate membership are $5,000.

Contact us today to become a member.